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Last Updated With Closing Market Prices and Document Filings from: 20 January 2017 (as available at TSX closing time).

TSX/TSXv Gold Producer - Rankings Based on Fundamental Metrics

A mobile friendly alpha release of the a TSX/TSXv gold producer single page application is now available for review at here. Use this tool to:

  • Order TSX/TSXv gold producers using fundamental metrics:

    • in situ gold ounces (resources inclusive of reserves)

    • in situ gold value divided by issued shares divided by share closing price

    • in situ gold grade

    • enterprise value per ounce of in situ gold

    • gold production per share

    • gold production per share divided by share price

  • Select top "N" TSX Gold Producers for a given metric based on normal or reverse sort

  • Compute returns from any trading date (Reference Date) from January 2013 to latest update (typically updated after market close each day and end of week worst case) and for a number of holding periods ranging from days to years.

  • All comments, questions and suggests are welcome - please e-mail:

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GLD Bullion Inventory Levels, LBMA Gold Price and DXY

20 January 2017 After Market Close - GLD bullion holdings increased for the second time in 2017.

The rolling 6Q correlation between GLD bullion holdings and the LBMA PM price is back to within a few percentage of trend - details here.

The rolling 6Q correlation between DXY and LBMA PM price continues to run several percent above trend - details here.

The rolling 6Q and 1 month gold price are strongly positive while the rolling 3Q/1Q trend lines are strongly negative - details here.

Based on a review of the year end correlations, detailed in a Seeking Alpha, Outlook For Gold and Gold Equities in 2016, odds heavily favor 2017 being an uptrend year for gold. No guarantees, the outlook for 2016 was for down trend to continue. In the short term, a gold price move above the rolling 6Q trend line would be a strong confirmation that we have a gold uptrend. Likewise, if the 6Q trend line drops goes flat and then negative, the up trend would be viewed as a fail.

Caution: President Trump is news that is likely not reflected in the 6Q/3Q gold price trend lines. Should be an exciting year for gold in 2017.


Gold and Silver Miner Daily Update Counts

The following plot shows showing a per day count of gold/silver producers/developers/explorers with one or more "metric impacting" Sedar updates (e.g. resource disclosures, financial statements, shares for debt, private placements, options grants, project ownership changes, mergers/acquisitions, etc.).

As of 11 July 2016, plot updates are being made at the end of each trading day, typically after GLD, GDX and GDXJ have reported their daily stats.

Note: Snapshots are always taken at 4PM of the current day. Any filings after 4PM will only be counted at the next close.


Gold and Silver Production Statistics

Production Based on Last/Latest Four Quarters

Using the most recently available quarterly production reports, the gold and silver stocks listed on the TSX/TSXv are reporting production totals on a rolling 4 quarters of:

  • Gold: 24.89M ounces (853.37 tons or 774.17 tonnes), a -1.2% change over the 4 quarters ending at the prior quarter.

  • Silver: 169.99M ounces (5,828.23 tons or 5,287.28 tonnes), a -4.2% change over the previous 4 quarters ending at the prior quarter.

The running totals for quarterly production numbers for companies with a quarter ending in the months of October, November, December 2016, along with the changes on a Quarter on Quarter (QoQ) basis, for TSX/TSXv Gold and Silver producers are:

# Producers
Gold Produced
Latest Q Report
Gold Δ
Silver Produced
Latest Q Report
Silver Δ
48 of 81 1,918,316 oz
65.8 tons
59.7 tonne
3% 21,680,284 oz
743 tons
674 tonne

TSX/TSXv Gold Reserves and Resources

Gold reserves and resources for TSX/TSXv listed companies with at least 12.5% of their in situ metal values from gold:


Type of Equity

Gold Reserves


Gold Resources
(tons, inclusive of reserves)


Gold Producers

13832 36185

Gold Developers

3808 13937

Gold Explorers
>5M Oz AuEq

2055 8288

Gold Explorers
<5M Oz AuEq

114 4776

All Gold Equities

19808 63187

Based on gold production rates reports over the last 4Q, TSX/TSXv gold producers have 21.5 years of gold reserves.


TSX/TSXv Silver Reserves and Resources

Silver reserves and resources for TSX/TSXv listed companies with at least 12.5% of their in situ metal values from silver:


Type of Equity

Silver Reserves


Silver Resources
(tons, inclusive of reserves)


Silver Producers

119679 297661

Silver Developers

39936 130698

Silver Explorers
>5M Oz AuEq

6325 44606

Silver Explorers
<5M Oz AuEq

541 38787

All Silver Equities

166481 511752

Based on silver production rates reports over the last 4Q, TSX/TSXv silver producers have 33.6 years of reserves.


TSX/TSXv Gold and Silver Equities Statistics

The following table includes TSX/TSXv listed companies with at least 12.5 of their in situ metal values from gold or silver (in US$).

Type of Equity






>5M Oz AuEq


<5M Oz AuEq


Enterprise Value
Per Oz AuEq

$83 $13 $6 $21

Estimated Discovery Cost
Per Oz AuEq

  $13 $3 $23

Net Working Capital

$22,818M $1,341M $440M $1,162M

TSX/TSXv Company Counts by Category

TSX/TSXv company may appear at most one time in the following table. Companies without a gold/silver resource (generators, historic and grass roots) are included on the basis of qualitative assessment of descriptions published in quarterly financial statements.

Category # of Companies in Category

Gold/Silver Streaming and Royalty Companies


Gold/Silver Producers


Gold/Silver Developers


Gold/Silver Explorers


Gold/Silver Generator Model Companies
(No Gold or Silver Resource)


Gold/Silver Grass Roots Explorers
(No Gold or Silver Resource)


Total Companies Listed in
(Current, historic, TSX/TSXv, CNDX, and others. See Note 1)


Note 1: All TSX/TSXv listed companies are required to file in However, companies include current companies, companies that no longer file (i.e. as a result of take over, merger, re-organization, bankruptcy, etc.), CNDX companies (Canadian over the counter market listings), and companies listed on foreign exchanges (e.g. US OTC, London, etc.) that have some connection with Canadian investors.


Gold and Silver Miner Market Capitalization Estimates

TSX/TSXv Grouping TSX/TSXv Total Market Capitalization
(Millions of US$)
Gold & Silver Producers $112,324
Gold & Silver Streamers $22,294
Gold & Silver Developers $10,916
Gold & Silver Explorers $7,568
Total TSX/TSXv Gold & Silver Miners $153,102
Market Cap Estimate For the World's
Gold & Silver miners (Millions of US$)

Note: All TSX/TSXv companies with at least 12.5% of their total in situ metal value coming from either gold or silver and which match the category definitions, are included in the above table.

Gold & Silver Producers category includes those companies that report quarterly production counts and revenues for gold and/or silver production.

Gold & Silver Streamers category includes companies focused on creating gold/silver streams or royalty income flows.

Gold & Silver Developers category includes companies with an explicit plan to start production in the near term or which have a spending profile and work plans to imply potential future production.

Gold & Silver Explorers category includes companies that are primarily focused on expanding resource counts at one or more existing gold and silver projects without indicating plans for future production.

Generator and grass roots companies are not covered.

Market capitalization is always computed using closing market price (expressed in US$ using exchange rates in effact at market closing time) and the issued share of each company. Updates are made daily after the TSX market close.

TSX/TSXv Market Share Assumptions: the TSX/TSXv gold producers are estimated to represent approximately 25% of the world's gold producers since the TSX/TSXv gold producers report approximately 25% of the world's yearly gold production. The streamers, explorers and developers are estimated to represent very roughly 50% of the world total for companies in those groupings.

NOTE October 24, 2016: Lowered the TSX/TSXv producer gold production estimate to 25% down from 33% - thus the spike in Market Cap Estimate for the World's Gold & Silver miners.

The Market Cap Estimate For the World's Gold & Silver miners is computed based on the actual TSX/TSXv market capitalizations, computed on a daily basis here using closing market prices and material filings as available at the TSX market closing time, and applying the market share assumptions detailed above.

LBMA PM Gold Price Correlation With the Gold Held in the GLD ETF

The rolling 6Q scatter plot follows:

On a year by year basis the positive correlation between gold price and GLD gold holdings follows:

Finally, the correlation between gold price and GLD gold holdings over the last 10+ years of the GLD ETF follows:

Click here for more scatter plots.


LBMA PM Gold Price Correlation With the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) Close

The DXY has been negatively correlated with gold price in recent years. The rolling 6Q scatter plot follows:


Gold Price Rolling Regression for Multiple Time Periods - Daily Updates

Multi-Quarter GLD Bullion Holdings Linear Regression

Click here for a scatter plot of GLD gold holdings versus price of gold.


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Gold ETF Money Flows

Daily Price of Gold changes
Money Flows in/out of GLD
plus the SGE Premium and Settlement volume
mon-dd POG
% Chg

January 20 0.24% $45.9 $10 14.45t
January 19 0.09% $9 20.58t
January 18 0.80% $27 21.86t
January 17 1.06% $17 21.71t
January 16 0.40% NA $6 17.32t

January 13 0.21% $113.3M $13 24.77t
January 12 0.39% $16 18.51t
January 11 0.30% $14 19.18t
January 10 0.41% $18 20.03t
January 9 0.87% $325.5 $8 17.18t

January 6 0.75% $18 20.98t
January 5 1.44% $10.6M $15 14.69t
January 4 0.42% $23 14.96t
January 3 0.76% $307.0M $19 18.13t
January 2 na na na na

A ? indicates that the closing data for the ETF is to be released - ETF updates happen typically after 8PM EST. Otherwise the cell is left blank if there was no change from the previous day.

A X indicates the GDX ETF did NOT release the end of day holdings.

POG % Chg is computed based on the Kitco gold spot price bid at TSX market closing time and the price at the previous TSX market close.

For GLD, a positive cell value indicated the value of the gold (in millions of dollars) added to the ETF while a negative cell value indicated the value of gold removed from the ETF. Values are computed from data provided by the GLD ETF operator.

The SGE Prem. (Shanghai Gold Exchange Premium) is computed as the difference between the SGE gold closing price (coverted at exchange rates in effect at the TSX close) and gold spot price as reported by Kitco at the TSX close. SGE Sett. (Shanghai Gold Exchange Settlement Volume) is sum of the Au(T+D) and mAu(T+D) daily settlement volumes as reported by the SGE.


Shanghai Gold Exchange Gold Closing Price Versus Kitco Closing Price

The Shanghai Gold Exchange Yuan Renminbi price of gold and premium/discount in US dollars relative to the Kitco spot price at TSX close follows (yearly average and 1 year rolling time period comparisons):

Note: See China Public Holiday Calendar for the dates of up coming Chinese holidays.

Yearly Average Shanghai Gold Exchange Premium:
  • 2017 (YTD average): $15.21

  • 2016 (Full year average): $5.72

  • 2015 (Full year average): $2.17

  • 2014 (Full year average): $2.02

  • 2013 (Full year average): $14.94

Rolling Week on Week Comparisons of Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) Premiums (Δ) vs Kitco Spot Gold Price:

Date Shanghai Gold Exchange Close - Au(T+D) Kitco Spot Price at TSX Close SGE Δ
Yuan Renminbi/gram US$/oz
20 January 2017 269.17 $1217 $1207 $10
19 January 2017 268.12 $1213 $1205 $9
18 January 2017 270.98 $1233 $1206 $27
17 January 2017 271.89 $1232 $1215 $17
16 January 2017 266.08 $1208 $1203 $5
13 January 2017 268.64 $1211 $1198 $13
22 July 2016 284.65 $1326 $1324 $2
21 July 2016 283.08 $1319 $1332 $13
20 July 2016 288.71 $1331 $1312 $18
19 July 2016 286.79 $1332 $1332 $0
18 July 2016 286.17 $1327 $1329 $2
15 July 2016 286.7 $1333 $1329 $4
22 January 2016 232.50 $1100 $1098 $2
21 January 2016 234.00 $1107 $1103 $4
20 January 2016 232.01 $1097 $1102 $5
19 January 2016 231.20 $1093 $1087 $5
18 January 2016 231.41 $1094 $1089 $5
15 January 2016 230.35 $1088 $1088 $0

Currency conversions made using spot rates available on the date. The SGE Δ is computed as the SGE closing price in US$ minus Kitco Spot Price (bid) at TSX Close.

A ? indicates that the closing data update is pending.

See the SGE page for daily updates on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, including a comparison of SGE gold delivery from vault in 2014 versus 2013.


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