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Gold, Silver, Base Metal Spot Prices and Currency Exchange Rates

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Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, suggests watching the US-Euro and US-Yuan cross rates. A drop in the US-Euro cross rate below $1.30 is likely to be a trigger for more easing by the Fed.

For current spot market quotes, please see:

U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) chart.

Bitcoin price is available at Kitco Markets. Also check Mt. Gox site status here.

The AMEX Gold Bugs Index quote is available here.

For price of energy baseline, see crude oil prices at Bloomberg.

USD, Gold, Silver, HUI, Copper, Natgas, and WTIC charts.

Gold, Silver and Base Metal Price Charts

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Featured Mining Company

  • Rio Alto Mining Limited (RIO.TO) | Visit | Report
    • Rio Alto Mining is a Canadian based resource company operating the La Arena gold / copper project, located in north central Peru. Production guidance for 2014 is 200,000 to 220,000 ozs of gold.
      • 7 April 2014, rio alto produces 53,463 ounces of gold in q1 2014 more.

      • 4 April 2014, rio alto mining announces management changes more.

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  • COMEX provides an explantion of the COMEX delivery reports (settlement of long/short positions which may not involve any movement of gold) and observes that COMEX delivery should not be compared to warehouse inventory report. COMEX delivery volume is analgous to the Au(T+D) Delivery Volume (aka Settlement Volume) on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

    It is unclear to me however if the COMEX warehouse inventory report changes can be understood as a physical deliveries out of the COMEX system of warehouses. Perhaps this isn't an appropriate question since the COMEX is primarily a paper/deriviative market and is not the place anyone would go to physical gold. However, that said, Shanghai Gold Exchange reports very clearly show a large flow of gold into China and that gold has to be coming from somewhere. Is some of the COMEX gold being drained into China?

World Gold Council

  • World Gold Council Gold Demand Trends provides information about jewellery, investment, technology and central banks gold flows. This report includes estimates per country data and gold recycling flows.