Canadian Silver Mining Company Average Silver Grade Chart

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Silver Mining Company Comparisons on the basis of Average Ore Silver Grade

The following chart shows the market capitalization per ounce of silver equivalent versus the average silver grade for each company on the silver list using spot metal market prices, stock prices and company reserves and resources. The effective date was 2012-Nov-23, after the close of Canadian markets. Each silver stock's position on the chart is represented by its Canadian stock trading symbol.

US$1.84 was the average market capitalization per ounce of silver equivalent for the silver mining companies in the Silver List on 2012-Nov-23. The average silver grade was 62.07 g/t.

All calcuations are based on the company NI 43-101 complaint reserve and resource disclosures which are documented in per company GoldMinerPulse metal valuation reports. Each company's stock trading symbol is linked to its GoldMinerPusle metal valuation report. A trailing * after the trading symbol denotes recent silver production.

The percentage break down of NI 43-101 proven+probable reserves and measured + indicated and inferrred resources making up the market capitalization and grade calcuations are show in the table below the chart.

Silver mining company market capitalization versus average silver grade, 2012-Nov-23 .

Silver Mining Company Metrics for Silver List on 2012-Nov-23 after the close of Canadian markets.
SymCompany NameMrkt Cap/OzAvg Ag GradeIn Situ AgOre ValuePP%MI%I%
AGQ*Arian Silver Corporation$0.60112.2 g/t117.30 M oz$146.55 0% 26% 74%
ASMAvino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.$1.8683.8 g/t14.70 M oz$129.87 0% 0% 100%
AUQ*AuRico Gold Inc. $1.9130.4 g/t126.30 M oz$62.89 51% 29% 20%

AXR*Alexco Resource Corp.$5.13260.2 g/t33.80 M oz$421.95 0% 82% 18%
BCM*Bear Creek Mining Corporation$0.4038.3 g/t570.00 M oz$62.39 58% 29% 13%
CDM*Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation$2.7943.3 g/t531.10 M oz$67.96 46% 38% 16%

CMACream Minerals Ltd.$0.4865.5 g/t14.50 M oz$93.75 0% 51% 49%
EDR*Endeavour Silver Corp.$3.09132.2 g/t149.90 M oz$245.15 22% 37% 41%
FR*First Majestic Silver Corp.$6.22193 g/t318.00 M oz$272.38 26% 27% 47%

FVI*Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.$4.77169.1 g/t90.10 M oz$276.62 25% 37% 39%
GPR*Great Panther Silver Limited$8.88363.4 g/t19.60 M oz$585.41 0% 40% 60%
HL*Hecla Mining Company$2.88324.7 g/t389.70 M oz$568.93 41% 26% 33%

HRG*High River Gold Mines Ltd.$2.54680.6 g/t102.40 M oz$94.69 2% 59% 40%
IPT*Impact Silver Corp.$6.8845.1 g/t7.70 M oz$89.3 0% 94% 6%
LMELaurion Mineral Exploration Inc.$0.1816.9 g/t6.40 M oz$47.39 0% 85% 15%

MAGMAG Silver Corp.$3.09538.5 g/t101.30 M oz$116.97 0% 62% 38%
MGT*Mines Management Inc.$0.0868 g/t231.20 M oz$131.77 0% 72% 28%
MSV*Minco Silver Corporation$0.44179.5 g/t157.30 M oz$226.58 34% 24% 41%

OKOrko Silver Corp.$1.0395.5 g/t221.90 M oz$115.85 0% 45% 55%
P*Primero Mining Corp.$2.08330.5 g/t241.60 M oz$584.25 28% 0% 72%
PAA*Pan American Silver Corp.$2.0677.6 g/t1.38 B oz$102.01 16% 64% 20%

PZGParamount Gold and Silver Corp.$0.9010.3 g/t120.20 M oz$37.66 0% 42% 58%
RVM*Revett Minerals Inc.$0.2152.8 g/t318.70 M oz$112.13 4% 25% 71%
SACSouth American Silver Corp.$0.0623.7 g/t370.10 M oz$34.64 0% 60% 40%

SBBSabina Gold & Silver Corporation$1.30123.9 g/t53.40 M oz$271.07 0% 68% 32%
SPMScorpio Mining Corporation$2.1798.5 g/t56.80 M oz$194.17 0% 90% 10%
SSO*Silver Standard Resources Inc.$0.5261.6 g/t1.65 B oz$90.47 1% 74% 25%

SVL*SilverCrest Mines Inc.$3.5374.8 g/t35.70 M oz$134.54 44% 15% 40%
THOTahoe Resources Inc.$7.27419.5 g/t318.30 M oz$526.47 0% 76% 24%
USA*U.S. Silver Corporation$1.71443.3 g/t49.30 M oz$703.55 47% 25% 28%

WSWildcat Silver Corporation$0.4172.1 g/t96.90 M oz$304.35 0% 15% 85%


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