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Special Research Services at Goldminerpulse

Have a question or concern about a mining investment - maybe a take-over bid - and neither directors nor management are responding adequately if at all? Need help drafting a letter to the company and/or the proper securities authority(ies) when facts suggest a proper formal review may be required? Write to Leo Biblitz, editor and founder of, at, describing briefly the nature of your question/concern. Leo will review the facts to determine whether and how to proceed. If it looks like a go, Leo will send an offer of service by e-mail, including a firm price. If it doesn't look like a go, you'll get a brief explanation via e-mail at no charge.

View as a sample Leo's letter of March 18/11 to B.C. Minister of Mines Rich Coleman in response to the B.C. Securities Commission (BCSC) inquiry regarding the resource disclosure made by Rubicon Minerals in a technical report on the Phoenix Gold Project. The inquiry created so much uncertainty among investors that share price plummeted by 20 per cent - in a rising gold market. Biblitz wished to know, inter alia, the nature and substance of that inquiry. A similar letter of March 10/11 to B.C. Premier Christy Clarke has now been forwarded by the Premier to Finance Minister/Deputy Premier Kevin Falcon and on to BCSC for reply.

U.S. inquiries WELCOME!

Foreign investors have as much standing as Canadians to make inquiries regarding companies trading anywhere in Canada. Canada as a matter of federal and provincial policy is anxious to attract foreign investment and protects it according to the same securities laws and regulations that also protect Canadians.

A customer service review received from a U.S. investor the week of March 27/11:

... I am blown-away by your letter. It is FAR MORE than I had hoped for. Thank You.

About Leo

LLB from the University of British Columbia (UBC) (now called a JD as per U.S.) after years as a print journalist. Authoritative replies in plain language to queries on a variety of legal subjects, including real property (residential tenancy, condominium governance), personal injury (disability, particularly long-term disability disputes) and securities regulation (primarily as it pertains to mining).

Let's face it. The legal profession does a poor job just about everywhere of explaining to Joe Public how the system works and increasingly the advice lawyers provide is just not helpful. Lawsuits are now the exclusive purview of the wealthy.

Most often, my work involves characterizing the client's concerns, determining the proper authority to address them and then packaging the facts for submission to the authority for review. If the proper authority for some reason doesn't assist, I prepare a submission for the client to send to the politician(s) and occasionally the media for action. I've had considerable success with both.

Similarly, if I feel the facts merit inquiry beyond the scope of my services, I'll say so along with a suggested approach on how best to obtain such inquiry.

Clients may view several samples of my work regarding mining securities at Goldmerpulse. My letters so far have generated considerable interest in the industry and in government.

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