MicroStrategy Bitcoin Estimation Tracker Analytics (MBETA) - Long Term View

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MicroStrategy Bitcoin Estimation Tracker and Analytics (MBETA) - Long Term View

Update as of February 7, 2024: We've adjusted our records to reflect the most recent share count for MSTR at 14,221,000 shares, as indicated by the latest filings. This update includes an additional 200,000 shares anticipated from the conversion of Saylor options between now and April 2024. While this change in share count does influence the absolute discount, it does not significantly alter the overall trend. Following this adjustment, the MBETA discount has shifted -- moving from -15% to approximately -2.5%. A range of -2.5% to 2.5%, that we typically expect the premium/discount to fluctuate, marking it as the standard variance.

MSTR vs BTC -- Relative Moves

MSTR Premium / Discount Long Term View

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