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Qualitative Ranking Factors

Approach to Ranking

Since most Canadian exchange listed cryptocurrency and blockchain mining companies, as of January 2018, are still in the planning and ramping up stage, company rankings are limited to considering qualitative factors:

Rating factors will evolve and expand once there are several quarters of miners with operating results with production numbers, power usage, coins produced, and the like.

Ranking Color Code Explanations

Key Explanation


  • Initial review did not show any major open issues or gaps. The company has some details on their roll-out plans in terms of market sector, financials, rigs and dates which should useful to a fundamentals driven investor.


  • Initial review is positive but review is still on going.


  • Initial review found important open issues with risk that should be reviewed further before trying to value this stock.


  • Stock is still under review. Stocks labeled with PRIVATE do not current trade on an exchange but may potential trade on TSXv or CNX in future

Other Notes

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