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The TSX/TSXv Gold Producer Single Page App (TAuSPA) allows investors and researchers to compare metrics, on an ordinal ranking basis, and returns for gold producing mining companies computed for any day from January 2013 to the latest close.

Closing prices are based on Yahoo end of day price quotes as available on the day. If an end of day price is missing on a Reference Date then the stock is excluded from the list. If the end of day price is missing on the future reference data at which a return is computed the then the return is shown as "NA".

Financials and resource metrics changes are included for a given day based on the time stamp of the news release, quarterly finanical report or technical report as filing in Sedar.com - filings time stamped after the close of trading are included with the update for the next trading day.

The base set of gold miners for each day is computed from the gold producers listed on either the TSX/TSXv on Reference Date by selecting those companies that are reporting as a producer and when the company had 12% or more of its total in situ metal value from gold.

The Average Returns are always relative to the Reference Date and filter/selection criteria and the Holding Period. The Hold Period determines the future date at which Average Returns are computed based on the change in closing price from Reference Date. When the Holding Period extends beyond the most recent close, then the most recent close is used to compute a return (a return to date).

A Reference Date can be manual entered in yyyy-mm-dd format - hit Submit to give effect to the new date. If an invalid date with in the supported date range is entered then the next valid date is selected. Valid dates are the restricted to days the TSX/TSXv was open for trading. A default Reference Date is applied to start TAuSAP sessions. List views and Average Returns are always dynamically recalculated after a new Reference Date is submitted.

Jump trading x day(s) can be used to move the Reference Date forward or backwards the number of trading days selected via the drop down menu. List views and Average Returns are always dynamically recalculated after a Jump Trading Days +/- click.

Holding Period: x trading day(s) sets the future date for which average returns are computed. A value of 63 trading days is approximately equal to a 1 quarter holding period. Average Returns are computed based on the returns computed for Holding Period days, Holding Period minus 1 day and Holding Period plus 1 day.

List views and the Average Return display can be restricted to specific subsets using the following list filters (list guardians) drop down menus available at top of page:

The Average Return table also includes the percentage change in prices some related indices which may be useful for benchmarking purposes:

The per company list and average returns by metrics fields are defined below. All definitions are relative to data available at TSX/TSXv closing time on the Reference Date. Disclosures after market close appear in the next trading day update.:


Known Issues

While charting feature are still outstanding in TAuSPA, no major issues are open in the alpha 0.01 release. Banner adds and footers to be added in next alpha release. All comments, questions and suggests are welcome - please e-mail: dennis@goldminerpulse.com

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