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BTC Trend Matrix for 1mth (21 days) / 2mth (42 days) / 3mth (63 days) / 6mth (126 days) Periods

Version Notes: 1.2.2b Beta and previous versions

We are working on a new version of the trend matrix presentation based on calander months. Once a month is finished its trend matrix will never change, unlike the rolling 21 day / 42 day / 63 day / 126 day model currently setup. Finally, the new version will explicitly adjust for holidays variances between Canadian and US markets. Release is expected in April.


Version Notes

Trend Matrix Overview

Trend Matrices are used to show relationships in price movements between a small set of securities (hive, hut, bitf, gbtc, mara, riot) and btc over a range of time periods:

All prices taken at Toronto/New York market close.