Gold ETFs and TSX / TSXv Gold and Silver Producers

Last Updated With Closing Market Prices and Document Filings from: 21 April 2017 (as available at TSX closing time).


TSX/TSXv Gold and Silver Producers in Gold ETFs

Caution: these pages are out of date and will be replaced with new chart content in May/June timeframe. Please check back then.

Combined ranking, our newest feature, provides investors with a unique way of looking at both gold ETFs and the TSX/TSXv gold and silver producers they hold.

Each of these gold ETFs:

have at least 33% of total holdings in TSX/TSXv gold and silver producers.

Mouseover a fund name on either chart below to view a combined ranking of each fund.

The  combined ranking is a weighted average based on fundamental data and market prices for each individual TSX/TSXv producer in the fund according to the percentage of total holdings it represents. It is a ranking based on benefit and cost metrics derived from each producer's reserve plus resource disclosures, quarterly financial results, quarterly metal production counts, fully diluted share estimates (including in the money options and warrants) as well as stock price and spot metals prices.

The chart below shows the ETF benefit metrics ( ore value,  margin,  consistency, and  npv) and the cost metrics ( sp/pv/fds and  ev/oz) considered for the three ETFs.

For more on benefit and cost metrics used to create rankings, see GoldMinerPulse Rankings.