GoldMinerPulse: Market Sentiment Track Record

Chart for 22 February 2013 market close.

GoldMinerPulse Market Sentiment Metric Track Record

22 February 2013 Call After Market Close: Up trend from 20 December 2012 Failed

MS is down along with POG for the week ending 22 February 2013. The MS broke below a past low on 21 December 2012 which invalidates the previous up trend call. For the week ending 1 March 2013 we will see if the down trend dating back to early October 2012 is resuming or if the market will remain trendless.

The Kitco Gold Survey of market participants completed 22 February 2013 has 52% of the participants bullish while 32% are neutral. Taking the Kitco survey results as a contrary indicator suggests next week is more likely to be neutral.

TSX Gold Equities Market Sentiment, 22 February 2013


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